Memorial Day Work Weekend

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Friday, May 25 to Monday, May 28 

Arrival Friday evening, first meal served on Saturday at 8:00 am. Last meal served on Monday at 8:00am.

Memorial Day Work Weekend is just that, an opportunity for camp alumnae, families and friends to come to Clearwater, live in cabins and help get camp ready for another summer of fun.  There is no fee for Memorial Day Work Weekend — we’re just grateful for the volunteer spirit!

Memorial Day Work Weekend 2017

The 7th annual Memorial Day Work Weekend was a success! A big THANK YOU to our volunteers for their hard work and dedication to opening up camp for the summer. We would not be ready for the 2017 season without their help! We accomplished so much! We removed leaves out of the riding ring; opened up the barn; painted the sailing cabinet, sunfish racks, and adirondack chairs; power washed the steps and docks on the island; opened up camp and buildings; cleaned all outdoor fire rings on property; set up the waterfront; planted beautiful flowers around the Hold; and set up mountain biking and kayaking program areas.

Memorial Day Work Weekend 2016

2016 was another successful weekend getting camp open and ready for the summer. Thanks to many alumnae, family, and friends, cabins and browns were cleaned and prepped, tennis courts were power washed, and the camp store was moved to Halyard Hall. In its sixth annual weekend, everyone enjoyed being back at camp and the comaraderie that goes along with working alongside past and present Clearwater daughters. We made sure to enjoy a campfire while singing Clearwater songs, take a pontoon boat ride on Lake Tomahawk, and to reflect during Sunday Service.

Memorial Day Work Weekend 2015

Attendance was record-breaking at this past summer’s work weekend which included Clearwater’s first Paddle-a-thon. Many thanks again to all of our alumnae, families, and friends that helped us prepare camp for our 82nd year. Cabins were opened, a lot of leaves were blown.  The sun was shining as we  brought the sunfish and kayaks out ~ we even took the kayaks out for a quick paddle. Halyard Hall was brought to new life again and even some painting of bathrooms happened.

Once again many brave souls dipped into Lady Tom, which was one example of the many things we do in our free time. And in true camp fashion we rekindled old friendships and made new ones.

We had a beautiful summer thanks to efforts by so many!

Liz Stovall, chair 1st Paddle-a-thon


1st Dip 2015

Memorial Day Work Weekend 2014

Several dozen alumnae, friends, family and staff gathered at Clearwater for the fourth annual event. Projects included raking, caulking, general cleaning and refinishing. Attendees also enjoyed a contemplative Sunday Service, some brave cold water dipping and scheduled “rest hours” of free time, to bike, canoe or just enjoy the sunshine with friends on the waterfront. More camaraderie was enjoyed at mealtimes, which featured fabulous food and desserts – including ‘smores! We are already looking forward to our fifth annual work weekend in 2015!


Memorial Day Work Weekend 2013

There was powerwashing, caulking, painting, raking and more at the 2013 work weekend, which was attended by about 25 alums, friends and family! Here are just a few photos from the event, which included fun activities like pontoon rides, making smores around the Sunny fireplace and a guitar sing-along around the Deck fireplace.



Memorial Day Work Weekend 2012

Memorial Day Work Weekend was another hit in its second year! More than 20 alumnae, family, neighbors and friends came out to help get camp ready for the season. Dedicated crews spent hours raking, sweeping, scrubbing, sanding, cleaning, organizing and generally making Clearwater Camp shine for another great summer. Volunteers also helped Perry prepare fabulous meals shared by the group. Scheduled free times, a Sunday Service and evening campfires in the deck also helped people relax, enjoy the beautiful surroundings and renew old friendships while forming new ones. Many, many thanks to our volunteers! Plan on coming up for this great event next year to kick off our 80th anniversary summer!

First Annual Memorial Day Work Weekend 2011

About 30 alums, camp friends and staff volunteered their time over the holiday weekend to help make camp beautiful. Projects ranged from painting the staff room, to giving the Deck a superclean to rotating shifts working in the kitchen, where Co-Director Perry Smith turned out delicious meals for the group. Clearwater Camp is incredibly grateful for the sweat equity put in by this wonderfully enthusiastic set of volunteers. Their work, camaraderie and fellowship set the standard for coming years!