Archery • Campcraft & Outdoor Cooking • Mountain Biking Nature Exploration • Sports • Tennis



It’s so satisfying to aim down the shaft of an arrow, let it fly, and hit the target. Hone your skill while having fun, from bursting balloons to tie dye, archery style!

Campcraft & Outdoor Cooking

Using map and compass, cinching your tent with a slip knot, building a fire–in the rain–you’ll not only learn these skills, you’ll use them on out-of-camp trips. Knowing how to handle yourself  in the woods is a confidence builder; just ask any Clearwater alum.

Mountain Biking

With scenic pathways, trails and roads, the Northwoods is a great place for embarking on adventure atop a mountain bike. Accompanied by two counselors, you and a group of fellow campers can enjoy a spin out in the woods.


Kick ball, capture the flag, whiffle ball in the field. Summer is for playing pick up games with your new best friends.

Nature Exploration

Connect with the natural world and feel at home in the woods. The lake, fields, and woods are filled with surprises; there’s never a dull moment and you’ll be amazed at what’s right under your feet–like these badger tracks!


Our main tennis court is right on the lakefront, the perfect place to learn fundamentals or practice your game.  Our friendly tennis tournaments are all about a game well played, win or lose.