What Families Are Saying About Camp

At Clearwater, a girl discovers that she is capable of so much more than she ever dreamed possible. She learns to try, to persevere, to stretch herself beyond the limits she once knew. She leaves camp each summer having taken important steps in her journey to becoming a strong, confident woman who respects herself, others, and her world. All of this happens while she is having so much fun that it will never even occur to her that the experience is good for her.
–Emily M., former camper, counselor and current camp mom

Hiking Isle Royale

The unique experience of Leadership summer has helped create a me that is more confident, more loving, more understanding, and more patient. Clearwater Camp is a place of life-changing moments and beautiful people, and I can’t think of a two-month period in my life that has given me more life-changing moments than this one. Thank you all so much for an absolutely spectacular and meaningful summer.
–Sally G., 2012 Leadership

When I think of Clearwater. I think of my second home. There’s nothing better than coming back from a whole year missing Clearwater, and picking up right where you just left off. In the song “Clearwater is Our Home” we sing: “There is no place like this, with love and happiness.” I believe those exact words. There is nothing that can make this beautiful place any better than it is now. When I think of Clearwater, I think of my second home.
–Carolyn F., 2012 camper

Clearwater Camp Isle Royale Trip

A bit of a spoiled and pampered kid, I learned to become independent at Clearwater. I learned how to be resourceful. How to respect my friends and look up to and learn from my counselors. I learned how to nurture friendships. Be compassionate. And truly fall in love with the great outdoors. The friends I made with the campers turned into wonderful friendships and we would keep in touch throughout the year, counting down the days until we could be reunited again in the summer months.

It brings me immense joy to have my two daughters at Clearwater. Our girls have enjoyed this time just as I had so many years ago. And, what astounds me most, is everything is the exact same as it was when I was there. Nothing has changed, so my memories are as strong today as my experiences were 35 years ago.  Thank you, Clearwater, for continuing to invest in our daughters and for teaching them to become strong and independent young women!
–Anne H., former camper and current camper parent

Walk with me at CC4G

Camp was a chance to be a different person than you were at home; nobody knew you, so I could be who I was with a fresh face.
–Sandra F., former camper and camp mom

Before camp, I didn’t talk much, didn’t have too many friends, and didn’t have much self-confidence. I would try not to get noticed or blend into the crowd…Fortunately the year I moved was also the first year I would come to camp. When I got here everyone was super nice, and super friendly and I felt at home. Never in my life have I ever felt as at home as here. Here at camp you can be yourself and no one will judge you for it.  –Emilijia W., 2012 camper 

Love is what I think of for Clearwater – I love the place and the people. What I remember most were the challenges I faced and being proud when I overcame them. Those accomplishments gave me the courage to do other things I wouldn’t have tried without Clearwater.
–Claudia A., former camper and camper parent

Canoeing at Clearwater Camp

I discovered so much about myself at Clearwater, met my best friend,
found out I loved sailing and canoe trips and later as a counselor enjoyed encouraging others to discover their talents. When my daughter went to camp it was great to see her have fun, meet a new circle of friends, and watch her learn how to problem solve and become the leader she is today. A summer of activities, friends, and traditions are all intertwined at Clearwater to “keep in our memory’s treasured store.”
–Daisy W., former camper, counselor and camp mom