Meet Our Cabin & Activity Counselors

2016 Clearwater Camp “Counsies” & Staff

We excited to announce, and in a few cases introduce, the amazing young women who will join our Team of Directors to make a difference in the lives of our campers. These are brief biographies of some of our talented staff members who will wear many hats at camp: mentor, counselor, teacher, learner, lifeguard, leader, driver, and friend – to name a few. This is where the Clearwater magic begins! This page will be updated as we continue to announce staff on our blog. Stop by again soon to see more staff!










Name: Lindsey Close
Camper: 11 years, Leadership in 2014
Staff: 2nd year, Jr. Counselor in 2015
Hometown: Lake Forest, IL

Lindsey is a freshman at Wake Forest University studying Business. She’s actively involved on campus in Delta Delta Delta sorority, Alpha Kappa Psi business fraternity, and club hockey. Her friends describe her as humorous, dedicated, and scholastic. Lindsey identifies with Rory Gilmore from the Gilmore Girls because she is fun and loves school and learning.

On a free day, Lindsey likes to hang out with her friends. She is looking forward to sailing and being able to share her camp experience with her campers this summer!








Name: Mickey Nolan
Hometown: Chicago, Illinois
Camper: 2 years
Staff: 21 years

Mickey will be back this summer teaching girls to ski on Tomahawk Lake! When she’s not in Wisconsin for the summer she teaches  Language Arts and Math to middle school students in Chicago.

Mickey’s favorite movie is Sleeping Beauty because you just can’t beat the three fairies: Flora, Fauna, and Merryweather. This summer Mickey is looking forward to working with the campers and watching their water ski skills grow.

Emily Jolly

Name: Emily Jolly
Hometown: Greensboro, NC
Camper: 5 years, Leadership in 2013
Staff: 2nd year

Emily, or Jolly as she is known around camp attends Ursinus College where she is double majoring in English and Media & Communications. When she’s not busying playing in the jazz band, working as writing tutor, or volunteering with a local kindergarten, she likes to play guitar, hang out with friends, and take walks in nature.

Her friends describe her as dedicated, patient, and of course, Jolly! This summer Emily is looking forward to continuing the magic of clearwater. Emily’s favorite camp tradition is council fire because it provides an opportunity for counselors and campers to bond over our camp experiences and accomplishments.










Name: Bentley Rager
Camper: 5 years, Leadership in 2014
Hometown: Aspen, CO

Bentley is a freshman at University of Oregon and is studying Architecture where she is a member of Kappa Alpha Theta sorority. Her friends describe her as funny, creative, and bubbly.

This summer Bentley is looking forward to spending another summer sharing the magic of camp with campers. She cannot wait to go out waterskiing on the shores of Lady Tom while later enjoying Chef Dave’s chicken fingers and mac and cheese (after all, camp food is better than dorm food!)  Bentley’s favorite camp tradition is the final banquet because she is always amazed by the transformation of the dining hall and the campers.

Ellie 1









Name: Ellie Harrington 
Hometown: Poway, CA

Ellie might be new to Clearwater, but not to the Clearwater Family.  Friend of a longtime Clearwater family, Ellie will be graduating in May from Northern Arizona University with a degree in Biomedical science and Psychology. While on campus Ellie was involved in the sustainability and hiking clubs. 

This summer Ellie is looking forward to seeing a new part of the country by spending her summer in the northwoods. She can’t wait to share her love of writing, hiking, and science fiction with her campers. Ellie identifies with Rukia from Bleach because her friends are the most important thing to her, and she wants what is best for them.

Tess May









Name: Tess May
Hometown: Ironwood, Michigan

This summer you will find Tess up at the stables as Clearwater’s Horseback Riding Director. A graduate of Purdue University with degrees in Wildlife Biology and Theater, Tess has spent the past few years working in environmental education and as a volunteer in the peace corps, but has always returned to riding through her love for horses.

This summer Tess is looking forward to getting to know Clearwater’s traditions, and meeting the staff and campers. Her friends describe her as passionate, optimistic, and fun. When she’s not riding she likes to read, travel, hike, and watch netflix. She’s excited to embrace camp culture by dressing up and acting silly for talent shows and theme days!

Natalie 1

Name: Natalie Shinn
Camper: 7 years
Hometown: Topeka Kansas

As a longtime camper, Natalie always enjoyed her experience outdoors at Clearwater. Natalie is currently a Junior at Kansas State University where she studies animal science and business. Natalie has been riding horses since 2008 and will be joining Tess at the stables this summer as a Horseback Riding Assistant.

Natalie is looking forward to being able to demonstrate to campers the connection she has grown to admire between a rider and a horse, and its many benefits. She can’t wait to see old friends and make new ones too!

Emily Beasley









Name: Emily Beasley
Hometown: Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Emily will be working as a Horseback Riding Assistant this summer with Natalie and Tess. This will be Emily’s first summer at Clearwater, and in Wisconsin for that matter, as she recently accepted a position as an Assistant Professor in the Department of Health, Physical Education, Recreation and Coaching at the University of Wisconsin – Whitewater. She has spent the past 5 years working at Louisiana State University.

This summer Emily is looking forward to sharing her passion for riding and horses with all of the campers, meeting new people in what will soon be her “home” state, and spending all summer outdoors. When she’s not busy at school, she loves to write, read, and practice yoga.


Name: Chloe Shepard
Hometown: Rhinelander, Wisconsin

Chloe is excited to join the Clearwater family this summer! She currently is studying Music Education at St. Norbert College, and is one year away from becoming a certified teacher.

Chamber choir, Kappa Beta Gamma, and the Panhellenic Council are just a few of the activities she is involved in on campus. When she’s not busy on campus, you can find her playing piano or guitar, or singing along to the radio at the top of her lungs. Chloe can’t wait to learn all of Clearwater’s camp songs this summer and teach campers some tunes on the piano!

Christy Nicholls

Name: Christy Nicholls
Hometown: Dunedin, New Zealand

This summer Christy will be joining us in Wisconsin from New Zealand! Christy recently graduated from the University of Otago, where she studied Theater, History, and New Zealand studies. This summer Christy is looking forward to meeting the staff and campers at Clearwater, and gaining new experiences while learning new skills. Her friends describe her as energetic, smiley, and fun. She’s hoping to pass on those traits to her campers!

Christy’s favorite movie is the Lion King mainly because Timom and Pumba are awesome, but also because of the great songs. During her free time, she enjoys catching up with friends, playing with her dog, and watching cartoons.

Sarah B.

Name: Sarah Buzak
Hometown: Edinburgh, Scotland

Sarah, also known as Saz, will be joining us this summer from Scotland! She just finished her third year as a law school student at the University of Edinburgh where she is a member of the weightlifting club and StreetLaw, which teaches law subjects to high school students.

This summer Sarah is looking forward to making it the best summer for all of the campers. She can’t wait to encourage the campers to be themselves and to pursue their own happiness, because she believes that everyone is unique and the summer is a great time to help them flourish. Sarah identifies with Hermione Granger from the Harry Potter series because she has so much determination and perseverance and taught her to be strong and believe in herself!

Liza Z.

Name: Liza Ziegler
Camper: 6 years, Leadership in 2014
Staff:  1st year as counselor, Junior Counselor in 2015
Hometown: Chicago, Illinois

Liza is a freshman at the University of Richmond studying Political Science, Environmental Studies, and Spanish. She is involved in Green UR, a sustainability club on campus, as well as club field hockey. Her friends describe her as funny, kind and loyal. This summer she is looking forward to getting to know her campers, sailing and skiing on Lady Tom, and seeing the horses up at the stable.

Liza loves spending her free time in the outdoors, with friends, and watching good movies. Her favorite camp tradition is Sunday Service, and is looking forward to helping her campers put together a thoughtful, meaningful service. This summer she is hoping to be able to finally learn the last two verses of “the patter song.”

Louise Mackie

Name: Louise Mackie
Hometown: Edinburgh, United Kingdom

Louise will be joining us this summer from Edinburgh. She just finished her undergraduate degree at Dundee University in Scotland where she studied Psychology. Her senior dissertation was all about dreams! While attending school Louise was involved in the ski and hiking clubs.

This summer she is looking forward to meeting new people and hearing about the different places they are from. Her friends describe her as bubbly, approachable, and humorous. Louise also spent 10 weeks living in Ghana supporting people with physical disabilities as part of an international service trip. Welcome to Clearwater Louise!


Name: Holly Koenitzer
Hometown: Spring Green, WI

This will be Holly’s first year on staff for Clearwater!  Holly attends University of Wisconsin – Oshkosh where she is an art major with an art education emphasis. She’s looking forward to spending her summer in the northwoods while giving her campers the same fun camp experience she had as a young girl.

When she’s not working for the school’s newspaper, you can find her completing various arts and crafts projects or reading a good book! Her friends describe her as creative, funny, and kind. Welcome to Clearwater, Holly!

Jenny Laurie

Name: Jenny Laurie
Hometown: Lockerbie, Scotland

Jenny is currently a student at the University of Highlands and Islands where she studies Scottish Cultural Studies and Archaeology. While in school she volunteers with the Students’ Association and with the National Trust of Scotland at Culloden Battlefield.

This summer she is looking forward to experiencing all of the activities held at camp, meeting new people, and making memories. Her friends describe her as friendly, compassionate, and enthusiastic. In her free time she likes to make things with her hands including jewellery, knitting, and paper-craft. Her favorite movie is Pocahontas because she is friends with animals and likes nature, and is open to meeting new people.


Name: Caroline Heldring
Camper: 6 years, Leadership 2014
Hometown: Kenilworth, IL

Caroline is currently attending Colgate University, where she is double majoring in Mathematics and Economics. On campus she is a tour guide, participates in club lacrosse, and is part of the presidents club student council.

This summer she is looking forward to sailing on Lady Tom and becoming a role model for the younger campers. Her favorite camp tradition is the Dan Chamberlin regatta and the competition it sparks among the campers. She identifies with the TV Character Chandler from Friends because she can always make her friends laugh.


Name: Margaux Boles
Camper: 7 years, Leadership in 2013
Staff: 1 year
Hometown: Kenilworth, IL

Margaux will be back for 2nd session this summer! She currently attends the University of Denver where she is majoring in Accounting with a minor in Finance. On campus she is a member of the Alpha Phi sorority, a senator for student government, and vice president of club field hockey.

When Margaux has free time she enjoys water and snow skiing, hiking, watching Grey’s Anatomy, and being with her friends and family. She is looking forward to working at camp this summer with her sister Cece, as well as meeting all of the new campers. Her favorite camp activity is water skiing and her favorite tradition is final banquet. Margaux’s favorite TV character is Lexi from Grey’s Anatomy because she’s super smart and works really hard, but also gets stressed about little things sometimes and loves chocolate.


Name: Rebecca Hedley
Hometown: Sunderland, United Kingdom

Becca will be joining us this summer from the northern part of the United Kingdom. Before camp, she was working as a Barista in a local coffee shop. This summer she is looking forward to meeting all of the staff and campers, and to having a great summer!

Her friends describe her as outgoing, friendly, and positive. In her free time she likes to keep active by running, biking, or swimming. She can’t wait to learn all of Clearwater’s songs. Becca identifies with Phoebe from Friends because she’s always up for fun, likes silly things, and enjoys trying something different even if it doesn’t end up the way it was intended.

Name: Olivia Watkins
Camper: 6 years, Leadership in 2014
Hometown: Lake Forest, IL

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Olivia attends Auburn University where she is studying English Literature. She spends a lot of her extra time volunteering at the local boys and girls club in Auburn.

This summer she is looking forward to meeting the campers. Her favorite camp traditions are final council fire and the waterski show. Olivia identifies with Meredith Grey from Grey’s Anatomy because she’s independent and strong.


Name: Anna Recob
Hometown: Madison, WI

This will be Anna’s first year as Clearwater staff. Anna currently attends University of Wisconsin- Whitewater, where she studies criminology and spanish. Anna likes to keep busy around campus by working for Habitat for Humanity and volunteering across campus, while also playing tennis with friends in her free time.

This summer Anna is looking forward to meeting the campers, making this summer memorable, and making new connections. Anna relates to Gus from the TV show Psych because she is goofy, committed, and always there to help friends. She loves to go on adventures and try new things just like in Psych.


Name: Stephanie Domijan
Camper: 3 years, Leadership 2013
Staff: 1 year
Hometown: Northbrook, IL

Stephanie, also known as Domijan, just completed her sophomore year at Miami University in Oxford, Ohio where she is studying Mechanical Engineering. On campus she is an active member of Kappa Delta sorority and the club figure skating team. When she’s not at camp she lifeguards for the green acres country club.

This summer she is looking forward to muffin nights, being on the waterfront, and meeting all of the new campers! We’re excited to have you back Domijan! 


Name: Megan Hollingsworth
Camper:  8 Years, Leadership 2013
Staff: 2nd year
Hometown: Pittsburgh, PA

We’re excited that Megan is back this summer! She currently attends Indiana University, where she is studying Accounting and Finance.

On campus, Megan is a member of the club volleyball team, Kelley Career Club, and is a peer tutor on campus. Her friends describe her as energetic and encouraging. She can’t wait to spend another summer on Lady Tom water skiing and sailing. This summer she is looking forward to supporting the Harbor campers and counselors.


Name: Kathy Pham 
Hometown: London, United Kingdom

This summer Kat will be joining us from London! She is looking forward to meeting new people, learning new skills, and exploring different cultures.

In her free time she likes to read books on personal development, listen to music, and explore local attractions. At camp she can’t wait to participate in water-sports, especially kayaking and canoeing. Hopefully we can get her out on waterskis or a sailboat, too! Her friends describe her as optimistic, adventurous, and enthusiastic. We’re so glad you’re with us this summer, Kat!

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Name: Lucy Rees
Camper: 7 years, Leadership in 2014
Hometown: Skokie, Illinois

Lucy currently attends St. Olaf College in Minnesota where she is on the event committee for Relay for Life, a member of the supporting special needs club, and active volunteer across the campus and community.

This summer she is most excited to help campers have the same amazing experience that she did when she was a camper! Her friends describer her as kind, warm hearted, and fun. Her favorite camp tradition is council fire, and she is looking forward to the first one this summer!


Name: Cece Boles
Camper: 8 years, Leadership in 2014
Staff: 2nd year,  Jr. Counselor in 2015
Hometown: Chicago, IL

Cece currently attends Santa Clara University where she is a communications major. She is on the club field hockey team and involved in greek life on campus.

This summer she is looking forward to being able to teach all of her favorite activities as a camper and being a cabin counselor. Her friends describe her as easy going, friendly, and fun loving. Her favorite camp tradition is the Birthday Party event. We’ll be seeing you out on Lake Tomahawk, Cece!

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Name: Eliza Watkins
Camper: 5 years, Leadership in 2014
Hometown: Lake Forest, IL

Eliza currently attends Furman University where she is a Communications Major. This summer she is looking forward to introducing all of the new campers to the Clearwater traditions and seeing them enjoy camp as much as she did as a camper.

Eliza’s favorite camp tradition is the talent show the campers put on at the end of each session. She identifies with Brooke Davis from One Tree Hill because of her independence and how much she values and respects her friends.


Name: Lexie Ziegler
Camper: 6 years
Staff: 3 years, Leadership in 2012
Hometown: Chicago, IL

Lexie is back for her third summer at Clearwater this summer, and has taken on a new role as our Program Director! Lexie currently attends Tulane University where she is an Asian Studies and International Relations double major, with an Environmental Science minor. She is very active on campus, including but not limited to, serving as the corresponding secretary for her sorority, writing for the Tulane Chapter of Her Campus, and sitting on the Newcomb Senate as the Alumni and Traditions chair.

Her friends describe her as fun, loyal, and caring. Lexie loves sailing and waterskiing at camp, and always looks forward to the reading of the Tajar story.


Name: Tess Backgren
Hometown: Stockholm, Sweden
Staff: 3 years

Tess (in the blue) will be back this summer joining us for 2nd session! She is currently living and working in Stockholm. She is really looking forward to coming back this summer and seeing how much all of the campers have grown into strong independent individuals. And of course to be part of the energetic craziness that you’ll only find at cmap.

Her friends describe her as energetic, loving, and funny. In her free time she likes to work out, go horseback riding, travel, meet new people, and hang out with family and friends. Her favorite camp activity is horseback riding, but also waterskiing, tennis, and anything else active! Tess can’t wait to sing and welcome the new campers!