Foundation FAQs

Q. When and why did Clearwater Camp become a non-profit?
A. The nonprofit Clearwater Camp Foundation was established in 2003. Its immediate goals were to raise money to purchase Clearwater Camp from six shareholders and run it as a girl’s camp into perpetuity, maintain and improve camp’s buildings and grounds and establish a scholarship fund for campers whose families may not have been otherwise able to afford the Clearwater Camp experience.

In 2008, the Clearwater Camp Foundation successfully purchased the camp from six shareholders. A nascent scholarship program was launched in 2011. In winter 2012, the foundation successfully completed a $7.5 million capital campaign, the Voyageur Campaign.

The mission statement of the Clearwater Camp Foundation is to preserve and perpetuate the traditions and spirit of Clearwater Camp for Girls for present and future generations of young women. As a nonprofit 501 ( c ) 3 organization, Clearwater Camp can accept tax-deductible donations.

Q. What are some of the ranges of gifts you have received ?
A. The Clearwater Camp Foundation has received gifts from more than 700 donors, for which we are incredibly grateful. The gifts we have received so far range from several $1 million gifts, to a $500,000 leadership donation to $120 from a counselor who sent in $10 a month for one year. We are so grateful for any and all support we receive. All of it will help make a difference.

Q. Who are you asking to donate?
A. We began by asking members of the Foundation Board early in the inaugural capital campaign, and have since opened up opportunities for more alumnae, families and neighbors to participate in the future of Clearwater. We first established direct mail and e-communications efforts to broaden the community of people who are interested in sustaining Clearwater Camp for the longer term. Now, we are working on adding more fundraising events year-round which will present fun and exciting ways for people to support camp in new and different ways. We hope that families will consider making Clearwater Camp part of their annual giving for years to come.

Q. Who previously owned the property?
A. There were six shareholders, including Sunny Moore, her family members and the family of a former camper and counselor, Lynne Hales Jacob.

Q. Why does Clearwater Camp need donations moving forward? Don’t tuition and fees cover camp’s needs?
A. Clearwater Camp remains financially sound. However, while tuition and fees cover the annual costs of running camp, that revenue is not enough to fund our goals of establishing scholarships, undertaking large maintenance projects for camp’s venerable buildings and grounds and forging capital improvements that promise to usher Clearwater Camp into the next generation. Donations will be critical to those important efforts into the future.

Q. How much did it cost to raise the campaign money?
A. All campaign and management expenses – which included a feasibility study, legal fees, clerical and fundraising costs and projects related to establishing the non-profit – represented a small percentage of our overall campaign revenues and remain within accepted fundraising standards.

Q. What are funds being used for?
A. Funds are being used to support camp programs,  help with maintenance costs or camperships. The Foundation Board determines how monies should be spent.

Q. How can I donate or support Clearwater Camp?

A. We are grateful for any donations or support we receive. You can donate online through our donation page or send checks made out to Clearwater Camp Foundation to:

Clearwater Camp Foundation, P.O. Box 152, Minocqua, WI 54548-0152

For more information, please contact Executive Director Liz Baker.