Hannah Rutkowski

Head of Drama

Staff: 1st Year
Hometown: Westpark in Cleveland, Ohio. United States of America

Hello campers! My name is Hannah and I’m a Senior at The Ohio University earning my Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in Acting and my Certification in Entrepreneurship. I’m pleased to say this will be my first summer at Clearwater as the Head of Drama and as one of your friendly Camp Counselors. At school, I’m in staged productions all year round through Ohio University Theater and Tantrum Theater. I’m employed for Work Study at Arts West in Athens, Ohio where I volunteer my time with Athens Middle School Drama Club and work on shows year-round as a part of their 22′-23′ season. I enjoy screenwriting, producing, and editing film footage in my free time as well as cooking, propagating plants, and writing. I also love to play volleyball, so you all better watch out when I step on the court! I cannot wait to start at Clearwater, and I hope you feel the same when I say we’re excited to have you!