Jodi Stanke

Activity Counselor

Staff: 1st Year
Hometown: Grew up in the Chicago suburb of Winfield, Illinois. Now only an hour and a half away in a little town called Prentice.

Hello! My name is Miss Jodi and this is my first year at camp. Ever! I grew up in the Chicagoland area and always wanted to go to camp, but I was an ADHD kid and my mom thought it wiser to enroll me in a summer track club where I could run. And run. And run. Which I did! And it was a great beginning to my athletic future of basketball, track, and cheerleading during my high school years.

I’ve been on a quest ever since to discover my inner strengths and abilities through different jobs and experiences: I was a horse trail guide, groomed dogs, was a bicycle messenger in a big city, veterinary assistant, and even a Navy diver on the EOD bomb squad! So, I may be older than the rest of the counselors, but I’ve got a lifetime of experience, knowledge, and wisdom (Mostly borne of pain, because that’s just the way I roll!) to share and so much more to experience. And…… I FINALLY made it to camp! I look forward to meeting you all and sharing a GREAT SUMMER with you!