Kristina Harms

Cabin/Activity Counselor & Head of Arts & Crafts

Staff: 1st Year
Hometown: I am from Pewaukee, WI and I’m currently living in Milwaukee, WI

Hi everyone! I’m going into my senior year of university at UW-Milwaukee where I am studying Elementary Education. I’m overjoyed about the opportunity to be a camp counselor and the head of arts and crafts at Clearwater this summer for the first time! I am someone who tends to have a lot of random interests and hobbies. I like art, reading, video games, camping, swimming, and traveling! I have also been rock climbing for roughly 7 years now. I am someone who strongly believes that growth happens outside of our comfort zones and I make it a point to try and go towards that discomfort rather than shy away from the challenge when I can. I am very excited to be able to meet you all and make fun memories in the outdoors!