Shannon Cassidy

Cabin/Activity Counselor & Photographer

Staff: 1st Year
Hometown: Brighton and Hove, England

Hello! My name is Shannon. I live in the sunny seaside city of Brighton and Hove in England, UK. I studied photography for 3 years in college, and continue to this day to keep improving and developing my skills and I have my own photography business. I currently work at a major tourist attraction called the Brighton i360. I previously worked as cabin crew for British Airways. I love being active and productive, I enjoy sport games and being out with friends and family. Saying that, I also love me some chill time, a night in either with friends or on my own with a good film and takeaway (preferably pizza 🍕😋) I can’t wait to spend my summer at a traditional American summer camp. This will be my first ever time coming to America and I am excited to meet new people, teach kids, make new friends and experience a new environment and culture!