ClearGear Flash Sale

We are offering a “Flash Sale” from Friday, July 17 through Friday, July 31, 2020.

All items are inclusive of shipping costs. Shipping will begin after the sale ends the week of August 3.

Flash Sale Items

We have limited quantities of the following:

Hoodie Sweatshirt (Columbia Blue) — $30.00

Sweatpants (Grey with Blue) — $ 22.00

Denim Tripping Shirt — $ 25.00

Embroidery on Denim

Rest Hour T-Shirt (Grey) — $ 20.00



Bonds T-shirt (Navy Blue, long-sleeves) —  $ 10.00

Spirit Jersey (Grey/Navy, long sleeves) — $ 20.00



Activity T-shirt (White, long sleeves) — $15.00

Quick Dry Shorts (Navy Blue) — $ 15.00


How to Order

  • Email this ORDER FORM indicating the item(s) and sizes you wish to purchase to
  • Melinda will email you a confirmation whether or not these items are still available and will confirm the purchase amount so that you can mail a check for the total.
  • Items will be mailed following the end of the Flash Sale starting the week of August 3, 2020 after we receive your check in the mail.
  • If you require your items prior to this time, it will cost $10 for shipping. Please let us know on your order form if you have a special request.