Paddling Forward with Purpose: FY2018 Impact Report

04.27.2019 By CC4G
Paddling Forward with Purpose: FY2018 Impact Report

To:  Clearwater’s Incredible Community

From:  Clearwater Camp Board of Directors

Subject:  Impact Report, Fiscal Year 2018

We are pleased to present our latest Impact Report that you can find HERE. Not only will you find wonderful images of the magical place in the Northwoods that harbors a piece of each of our hearts, but you will learn more about how we use our financial resources to maintain and enhance Clearwater’s magic.

This report covers our latest completed fiscal year. The year began on November 1, 2017 and ended on October 31, 2018. You’re probably wondering about these dates. Apparently, when camp was purchased from the Moore family and transitioned to a non-profit organization, there was much discussion about what fiscal year dates would work best.  For a brief time, two sets of financial records were maintained — one with an October 31 year-end and the other with a December 31 year-end.  As you can imagine, this was very confusing!  Ultimately the October 31 date was chosen as it most accurately corresponded with Clearwater’s cycle of expenses and revenues.

What were the major achievements in FY 2018?

There were many, including an amazing 85th reunion; the establishment of the Clearwater Endowment Fund that will help fund improvements to our wonderful buildings, as well as camperships, well into the future; and two new sailboats that joined the fleet at anchor in Tomahawk Lake. But there is much more that happened in a less visible way. Board and staff focused lots of energy on furthering all of Clearwater’s key strategic goals:

  1. Devote resources to staff
  2. Maintain the physical environment
  3. Increase Clearwater’s diversity
  4. Strive for financial sustainability
  5. Maintain historic philosophy and approach to programming
  6. Enhance marketing and communication
  7. Run camp at the highest standard possible
  8. Develop a strong and effective board

Click HERE to see the unabridged goals as adopted in the 2016 Strategic Plan.

We’ve reordered the goals here to emphasize numbers 1 and 2, as they are the focus of the new Impact Statement. We know that the Clearwater experience is about people. Recruiting, training, supporting and developing staff are not only consistent with Clearwater’s values, but are crucial for our ongoing success. We also recognize the beauty and magnetism of our incomparable location and are committed to maintaining an environment that is safe and comfortable but also captures the beauty of the natural world and its power to comfort, teach and inspire. The age of our structures, wear and tear from 85 summers of campers, and environmental changes all contribute to the challenge!

We’re very proud of all that has happened at camp this year. And it wouldn’t have happened without you! As the Impact Statement shows, tuition provides 82% of total revenues (total revenues were $1.2 million in FY2018). Without the additional 18% you so generously donate, progress on our goals would be much slower, if not impossible. We can’t thank you enough for your commitment to Clearwater!

We’re also proud to be your Board of Directors. We want to work with all of you to provide the Clearwater experience to as many girls and young women as possible. Like you, we know in our hearts that coming to Clearwater changes lives and can empower our campers to change the world.


In the spirit of Clearwater,

Nonnie Gilbert,  President

Ray Liggett, Vice President

Laura Sahn Cover, Secretary

Nancy Wright Neumann, Treasurer

Catherine “Kitty” McMahon  Bartholomew

Stephanie Cotherman

Drew Dalton

Amanda Dunaway

Claudia Hoogasian

Melissa Moore Koengeter

Julie LaFore

Molly Palmer

Alix Sommer Smith

Christy Anderson Stott

Carol Vance

Sarah Wagoner

P.S.  It’s an exciting time! We’re about to begin a Master Site Planning process to help us make the right decisions for our buildings and grounds. There will be many opportunities to participate, but if you missed Nonnie’s letter to the community earlier this month and would like to share your thoughts now, please click HERE to read it.






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