Helpful Tips and Resources to Prepare Your Daughter for Camp

03.27.2017 By Ellen King

Spring is in the air and there are only 86 days until we begin our first session of camp! This is very exciting for many reasons, mostly that we can’t wait to see your daughter(s) along the shores of Lake Tomahawk so soon!  Now that the countdown to camp is under 100 days, we’re going to begin increasing our communication to our community on how to get ready for camp.

This week’s blog post will focus on how to mentally prepare your daughter for her physical absence from home.

What you can do:

  • Discuss what camp will be like with your daughter. Share in her excitement about all the new activities and give her a chance to share any concerns.
  • Plan a few sleepovers to help her practice being away from home.
  • Send a letter before camp, so she has a letter waiting! Let her bring a special stuffed animal, doll or blanket for her bunk at camp, so she can create a “home away from home.”
  • Talk about how proud you are for her to take on this new camp adventure.
  • Help your child feel good about going off to camp while your child is still at home and getting ready.
  • Emphasize in your letters all that the camper is doing at camp or what activities she might like to try and enjoy.

What you can avoid:

  • Avoid writing about missing your child and discussing all the family fun she’s missing while at camp.
  • Do not make “we’ll pick you up early” deals; this is self-defeating.
  • Do not panic if a homesick letter arrives home after the first few days; she may have adjusted by the time the letter arrives to you. Don’t hesitate to give us a call or email if you have questions

UPCOMING Free Resource:

This Wednesday, March 29th 9 ET, our friends at Expert Online Training will be hosting a free webinar on this very topic. Here’s their summary:

You have questions about summer camp and we will have the answers to make you and your child more comfortable.  What happens if my child gets homesick?  How can my child easily make friends?  Are their questions I should be asking the camp?  What should I pack?  We’ll discuss those questions and more.

Expert Online Training provides educational videos for camp staff and other youth development organizations. The hosts are Chris Thurber and Scott Arizala, two camp professionals. Registration Link


If you are a first time camper family, and didn’t receive your copy of “The Secrets Ingredients of Summer Camp Success: How to Have the Most Fun with the Least Homesickness,” hosted by Chris Thurber,  please contact our office at 715-356-5030.

For more resources on preparing your daughter for camp, check out the parent handbook, page 20.

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