Look Who’s In for 2015: 4 More Counselors You Will Want to Know

04.17.2015 By Liz Baker


Name: Emily Jolly, also known as Jolly

Camper: 5 years

Staff: 1st year as a counselor

Hometown: Mebane, North Carolina

During the cooler months, Jolly attends Ursinus College in Pennsylvania. On a sunny afternoon, she can be found running down the field while playing with Ursinus’ Ultimate Frisbee Team. Being the well-rounded Clearwater daughter she is, Emily also plays in the school band and double majors in English and Media and Communications.

If you find yourself wanting to be impressed and entertained during a raining day in the Deck, find Miss Jolly who will put on a juggling show for you and your friends. Emily is a friend every girl wants to have, with those closest to her describing her as loving, encouraging and responsible.

Skaalrud, N

Name: Natasha Skaalrud, also known as Tash

Camper: 8 years

Staff: 2 years

Hometown: White Bear Lake, Minnesota

Tash is in her third year at St. Mary’s College of Maryland where she majors in Economics and Environmental Studies. When Tash isn’t hitting the books, she can be found on the water with St Mary’s Varsity Sailing team. Speaking of her expertise, Tash can’t wait to work on making CC4G’s sailing program even stronger this summer, but perhaps of even more excitement to her is seeing each girl grow and learn during her time at Clearwater.

On Tash’s ideal day off, she would start at the beach hanging with her friends, spreading her loud, enthusiastic and peppy personality, and end with a viewing of (and singalong to) the Aristocats.


Name: Laura Palmer

Camper: 10 summers

Staff: 8th summer (plus Leadership year)

Hometown: Crystal Lake, IL

Laura graduated from the University of Illinois in 2011 with a degree in Environmental Science, and she now works at Vail Mountain in Vail, CO, as a member of Mountain Safety. She is an expert at handstands, no matter what time of day or night, on rocky or muddy ground. Laura is looking forward to being back at Clearwater so she can help everyone to have the best summer possible. And to stand on her hands on the waterfront.

Her friends describe her as outgoing, intelligent and fun. What animal would Laura be? An eagle. Why? Because it’s majestic. On a free summer day Laura would sail, and in the winter she would ski. They are simply her favorite things to do. Finally, Laura’s favorite movie is Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid because she loves Paul Newman and thinks it’s a beautiful and hilarious movie.


Name: Megan Hollingsworth, sometimes goes by Meg

Camper: 8 years

Staff: Leadership and this is her first as a counselor

Hometown: Pittsburgh, PA

Megan is a freshman at Indiana University Kelley School of Business and studies accounting. She is a member of the Club Volleyball team, Kappa Alpha Theta Sorority, as well as a peer tutor. After spending a summer away from camp, she is looking forward to sailing and waterskiing, and being back with her best friends.

Speaking of friends, Megan’s friends describe her as funny, trustworthy and entertaining. Her animal of choice would be a monkey, because she likes being active and goofing around. Her secret talent is she can wiggle her ears. On a free day, Megan would go to a tropical island and lounge on the beach with all of her friends and family. She’d sail, kayak, snorkel and swim in the ocean, too. Her current favorite movie is Frozen because of all the great songs and funny plot. She loves Olaf!

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