The Gift of Clearwater

12.06.2014 By Liz Baker

The holidays hold special memories for each of us. Many of us treasure seasonal traditions that include gatherings with friends, family and co-workers to celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah, or other year-end festivities. As a little girl I remember each year making a wish list. It had your obvious toys on it. For me I wanted every Star Wars or Snoopy piece of merchandise that was available. But then, even as a young girl I also knew of something bigger than “things.” At the top of my list, and usually underlined and circled several times, was my wish to go to Clearwater Camp.

My mom and dad never promised that going to Clearwater every summer was a given. Moreover, it was through my Grandfather Cameron’s generosity that I was able to attend. (A little history: my Grandpa William Cameron and my Grandmother Grace Sprague Cameron sold Clearwater to former Executive Director Sunny Moore and her husband Don.) My twin sister Martha and I looked forward to every Christmas morning to see if we’d be playing along the shores of Tomahawk Lake the following summer.

Christmas morning would come, and we’d open our toys, clothes and gadgets. And as we’d tear through the gift-wrap and open the boxes, I’d be looking all around the tree for the envelope that could hold the news of Clearwater. Somehow my parents would hide the envelope and managed to save the best present for last. Even more special was each year my Grandfather would create a hand-illustrated certificate stating the gift of Clearwater. This one is my sister’s:

CameronCertificateThis experience holds such treasured memories in my heart. Which got me to thinking how excited any Clearwater daughter would be to receive the gift of a summer at Clearwater Camp. The memories she will make, the friendships that will last a lifetime, the growth she will discover in herself are all reasons to give the gift of camp! Long after the toys and gadgets of the moment are forgotten, the memory of a summer a Clearwater and the personal growth and friendships fostered there will survive in the hearts and minds of the girls who have experienced camp.

In the spirit of having the gift of Clearwater, we have gift certificates that will be made specifically for each girl and mailed to homes in time for the holidays, or even a special occasion. You can call or email the camp office to arrange for a gift certificate: 715-356-5030 or


Looking back, I treasure my camp experience, and not for the “things” of activities such as sailing, skiing and tripping. It is about what I learned, pushed myself to achieve, and the friendships that are deep and true. I would not be the same person today if it were not for what I learned at camp. My grandfather and parents gave me something for Christmas that has had a lifetime of dividends. For that I can’t begin to thank them enough.

This post was originally posted 12/6/2014. It was updated 12/12/2016 with the latest camp certificate. We will be using the same certificate for Summer 2018.

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