Who’s in for 2015: What’s Cooking in the Kitchen

05.08.2015 By Liz Baker

Dave Prasse

Name: David Prasse, also known around camp as “Chef Dave”

Staff: 4 summers at Clearwater

Hometown: Columbia, MO

David graduated from Truman State University in Missouri with a major in Psychology and a minor in Studio Art. He enjoys motorcycle touring, snowboarding, rock climbing, paintball, backpacking, mountain biking, hunting and cooking. For the last seven years he has worked as a chef for Sterling and also for WI summer camps for the past six years. Some fun facts about David: he usually takes a fall pretty well, and he loves monkeys and cheese. His friends describe him as professional, witty and dry. If he were an animal, it would be a Labrador Retriever because they are just the coolest dogs ever. On a free day, you’d find him snowboarding in the backcountry of Colorado. He considers himself a total Star Wars nerd and a huge fan of documentaries.

This summer David’s looking forward to spending time on the lakes, watching the sunrise from the Boathouse and avoiding mosquitoes.


Name: Casey Kimbrel

Camper: Not as a child

Staff: 4 summers at Clearwater

Hometown: Columbia, MO

Casey works in the food management business and has spent the last six summers working as a chef at summer camps and during the rest of the year works as a chef for Sterling. His secret talent is he is a great singer. Casey’s friends describe him as fun, professional and nerdy. If he could morph into any animal, it would be a cat because they are sly and agile, and if he had a chance to do anything for a day, he would be Batman. Why? Because Batman is the best. Finally, each week, Casey has a different favorite movie – too many good ones to choose from.

Casey is looking forward to returning to Clearwater Camp for the beautiful weather, the cheese and the sausage!

Skarul, Karolina

Name: Karolina Skarul

Staff: This is her first summer at Clearwater

Hometown: Gdansk, Poland

Karolina hails form Gdansk Poland, a city on the Baltic coast and is Poland’s principal seaport. She attends University of Gdansk, the largest university in the region with 33,000 students. Karolina studies economics at the University.

Learning to improve her English skills is one of Karolina’s goals for the summer and she is looking forward to learn another culture and meeting a lot of people, young and old. Karolina is also can’t wait to swim in Tomahawk Lake, as she loves to swim. If she could be an animal, she would be a dog, because they are the best friends of humans!

Kubisz, Paulina

Name: Paulina Kubisz

Staff: 3 summers at a Polish camp

Hometown: Starogard Gdański, Poland

Paulina studies management at the University of Gdański and works in a Medical Center. Her friends describe her as a positive, responsible, happy and brave person. If she could be an animal, it would either be a dog or a horse because they’re clever animals. On a free day, she’d wake up early in the morning, go for a bike ride and explore the surroundings. Her favorite movie is Crazy, Stupid, Love because it’s very funny and has a great cast. She’s looking forward this summer and getting to know new great people, improving her English, and spending the best holiday of her life at camp!

Michalak, Karolina

Name: Karolina Michalak

2015 will be her first summer at Clearwater

Hometown: Wroclaw, Poland

Karolina attends the University of Economics in Wroclaw, Poland where she studies management. She has worked as an HR consultant and training coordinator and as an animator with children. She’s excited to learn about a new place and to create new friendships at Clearwater Camp. She thinks that kitchen staff will allow her to be a part of interacting with the campers.

Karolina is passionate about cooking; one of her favorite dishes to make is savory pancakes with salmon and pesto. She enjoys creating new recipes for friends and family, who by the way, would describe her as well-organized, positive-thinking and friendly. If she were an animal, she would be a butterfly because they’re friendly, colorful, cheerful and can fly. Karolina would love to see lots of places. If she could do anything for a day, she’d transform into the speedy superhero, Flash Gordon, so that each day she could accomplish a lot and live full days. Finally, her favorite movie is Intouchables, which she’s seen many times and is consistently delighted by it, because it’s a funny and inspiring comedy about friendship, trust and human possibility.

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