Our Favorite Things

11.15.2018 By CC4G
Our Favorite Things

This picture was posted in the deck last summer as part of an arts and crafts project. And it got us thinking, what are your favorite things about camp?

Council Fire

Feeling the Voyageur spirit and hearing about what wishes of ours have come true while at camp.

Personal Growth

The many opportunities for personal growth: making goals, accomplishing them, and making new ones.

Being Myself

I feel like myself at camp.

Close up of camp mailbox


Writing and receiving lots of letters!

New Things

The opportunity to try new things.

View of camper's back while paddling canoe


Going out on trips, while learning about and pushing myself outside of my comfort zone.

The Outdoors

Relaxing in the outdoors, and enjoying time without technology.

Group of campers jumping off steps

The Fun

Having unconditional fun!

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