Donate to Clearwater

Clearwater’s Culture of Philanthropy depends on the love we feel for Clearwater, the bonds we share because of our commitment to Clearwater’s mission, vision, and values, and our belief that we are all stewarding Clearwater into the future. It is not simply about raising money, but about building relationships with all members of the Clearwater community, communicating, and most especially about listening to each other. Inherent in this approach is that all of us accept some responsibility for Clearwater’s future by serving as ambassadors, giving of our time and talents, and supporting Clearwater financially to the extent we are able.

Clearwater will continue to do the best job possible to raise money because we need money to accomplish our mission. And we want all contributors to be engaged, to understand and help define the future, to know that every voice matters. We hope you will notice the subtle changes that are taking and will take place as a result of Clearwater’s Culture of Philanthropy, and we look forward to paddling forward together!

Giving Options

When you donate to Clearwater, your financial support is wisely invested to provide quality staff, programs, camperships, and facilities that foster confidence, courage, compassion, and community in our campers. If you are prepared to give today, please choose one of the following giving options:

Please ask your employer about matching funds that could multiply your gift to Clearwater.

There are additional creative ways to give to Clearwater. For more information, please contact our Director of Development and Communications, Sheila Ferguson, CFRE at or 901-830-7896.

Clearwater Camp Foundation, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization (EIN 43-2024465). All donations are tax-deductible to the full extent allowable by law.  Always consult your own tax adviser for the proper and legal consideration of your gift for deduction purposes.