How Our Staff Transformed After The Summer

10.18.2017 By Ellen King
How Our Staff Transformed After The Summer


We recently asked our Summer 2017 Staff if they saw a transformation in themselves after this summer, and here’s what they had to say:

  • I was able to adapt to different situations more than I thought before going to camp.
  • I learned a great deal about how to be a good and successful leader and what it takes to be one. I also learned how to be patient at times and when it is okay to not be.
  • I am more confident and better at handling stress and problems.
  • I felt more like a leader as opposed to just trying to figuring everything out the first year.
  • Yes I have more confidence and believe in myself more.
  • Oh for sure! Definitely more patience and leadership strength!
  • Yes more responsible and independent!
  • I believe that I grew as a leader and role model and my ability to adapt and be flexible greatly improved.
  • I became more confident in my skills and abilities.
  • More patience! And a stronger and more confident leader.
  • I became more confident in leading activities and generally within myself.
  • I learned how to push myself even when I feel completely overwhelmed. I also found out a lot about myself just by having to put on a face and always be supportive regardless of what was actually happening in my life.
  • I discovered more about myself and who I want to be as a person and what I need to do to achieve this.
  • I felt much more responsible and now I want to strive for more leadership opportunities!

We often focus on the many benefits of summer camp for our campers, and it’s also important to highlight the growth opportunities that camp provides for our staff. A huge THANK YOU to our 2017 Summer Staff for recognizing their own transformations! We are lucky enough to see them take on various responsibilities at camp, and by doing so learning how to grow their leadership skills, and become confident and independent.

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