The Past Influences the Bright Future of Clearwater Camp

06.26.2015 By Liz Baker

View from the Helm

Looking out the window of the Helm there is the sound of happy campers who are sailing, stretching for a tennis class and a kayakers who are practicing wet exits prior to paddling to Scotty’s point. All while the afternoon sun is dancing through the leaves of the trees. It’s a perfect time for campers to try new things and experience all that nature has to share.

While the excitement of camp is going on, I find myself reflecting about my new role as Executive Director at camp. I’ve said it before, and I mean it more than ever; I have the best job in the world! To think about the women who have come before me, our founder Sarah Holiday Sprague, known as “Halokwe”, Executive Director Sylvia “Sunny” Moore, and Camp Director, Laurie Smith all have brought amazing riches to the girls of Clearwater Camp. I know that I can carry on with the traditions of camp, using their strength and wisdom they pass down.

Our camp has a long tradition of bringing out the best in each and every camper. I think this comes from an environment we live and breath here. The word free comes to mind. We are technology free, carefree and we are freethinkers. The freedom we have at camp brings us to a level where we can delve down deep, in meaningful and purposeful ways to think critically, be part of a team, problem solve and learn by doing while having the time of our lives. Our campers are competent skilled partners, whose voices are central to our approach. All this stems from the women and men who have taught generations throughout our 82-year history.

As I was walking to council fire Sunday evening, I was overcome with emotion of thinking of the women who have donned a kaput and sash and joined the Clearwater Daughter family. I turned to Laurie and said, “I need a hug”, this is a pretty big moment. This year’s first council fire was as special and unique as always. We even had some pretty boisterous Voyagers visit and continued the tradition of throwing two pinecones into the fire. One was a wish for Clearwater and another for the camper. As the light burned bright from the pinecones so do our wishes for a spectacular season.

The summer of 2015 is off to an extraordinary beginning. The Counselors and staff continue to go above and beyond to keep the magic of camp alive. I am proud to stand by them as we blaze the trail together.



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