90th Reunion Sparks: Council Fire

12.01.2023 By CC4G
90th Reunion Sparks: Council Fire

Time for Kaputs & Sashes

By Stephanie Domijan

We put our kaputs & sashes on and lined up in cabin order while anxiously waiting for the beat of the drum to signal the start to the final tradition of the reunion – Council Fire.

With the sun still shining on Lady Tom, our Four Winds started our fire.

It wasn’t long before we had some voyageurs enter our circle. They came just in time to listen to old trip sparks that included a point canoe from 1945 with an excerpt on the end of WW2 and journal entries from trippers who got to read about their trip together as campers years ago.

Next up was a friendly competition between pairs spanning multiple generations. After timing these trippers on completing their bed roll, we put their skills to the test by fully submerging them into the lake. Even after a few dunks, the gear inside remained impressively dry!

As you may have read in the previous blog post, we had not one, but two regatta finishes to report on. We tore into the ground as our digger relentlessly (and successfully) found the banquet book from the 85th reunion and some of our finest logbook writers read some old entries.

Marty even wrote her own rhymes for the weekend:

“It fills our hearts to come to the place where the best is true,

Matriarchy, folly, inclusions and all the you in you.

We were excited to reconnect, it even brought some of us to tears,

Connecting with new friends or a fellow camper after 50 years.

Whether we were long-time campers, on staff, or some other combination,

One of the most powerful parts was connecting through generations.

We sung the paths, at council fire, and after each meal,

Jamming with our childhood heroes was a very big deal.

Cheers to you, Clearwater, at your 90th you look great,

Hope to see you all around this fire in 2028.”


To close out our Council Fire traditions, pinecones were thrown into the fire and wishes for Clearwater were made. With the newly enlarged flames, candles were lit – first to honor our past leaders and soon everyone had a spark from the fire lighting up their candles.

I look forward to joining this summer’s campers and the many generations of alumnae in lighting my candle on December 24th to celebrate Clearwater’s founding.

One of my personal favorite memories during final Council Fire is seeing the small lights glistening all around the circle and then again while everyone exits and lines up along the path. Such a beautiful way to close out an amazing few days at Clearwater. A much-needed time to reflect and be thankful for all of the friends and experiences gained at this special place.

This is the fifth entry in a series of Reunion Sparks to share memories from our 90th Reunion. Additional sparks are linked below.

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