A Family’s Endorsement of Clearwater Camp

03.21.2015 By Liz Baker

My first recruiting gathering was in the home of the Wendt family. What a perfect family for me to start my journey with! They were kind, warm and couldn’t say enough about the positive impact camp had on their daughter, Emma.  Emma had just spent her first summer as a two-week camper. After our time together I wanted to take her on the road with me! During the presentation Emma would enthusiastically talk about how the others in the room must attend. Emma went on a canoe trip to lost lake and spoke about the wind on the way home and how it was hard, but she made it back to camp feeling awesome.

The following article is from Kari and Matt Wendt and why they believe camp is the right experience for their daughter:

We are from North-Eastern Illinois and when we started looking for a camp we first turned to the internet and found Clearwater Camp.  It seemed to be what we were looking for; a classical, old-school, no electronics, small-scale camp in a beautiful natural location.   Clearwater had been around a long time and many former campers would return to serve as Leadership campers (Junior Counselors) and Counselors. We also got the feeling that there was a structure to rules and boundaries (cleaning, cooking, etc.) that seemed just right.  When we heard that some of our friends’ kids had attended and loved it, we knew that we had found what we were looking for.

Our 10 yr. old daughter Emma attended Camp Clearwater for the first time in the Summer of 2014.  She stayed for the shorter 2-week session and loved it so much she will be going the 3 1/2 session in 2015.   Emma especially loved her co-campers.    From the initial bus ride (she was nervous) to the all-camp welcome greeting , to the jovial daily hellos from everyone, the camp gave her a sense of security and warmth that she felt very comfortable in.   She is still mailing and receiving letters from the friends she made in those two weeks.  She loved the activities; the “daily dips” in the Lake, horseback riding, water skiing and the food were her most memorable moments.

Emma plans on going back every year and hopefully she will be able to hold off the real world of sports and activities long enough to go for as many years as possible.

It was nice for her to get out of the “crazy-busy” lifestyle that we all can get caught up in. We would recommend Camp Clearwater to anyone who is interested in a camp with a high-quality location and staff, and a fun and systematic camp lifestyle groomed over decades.


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