Look Who’s In for 2015: First introduction to Summer staff members

04.10.2015 By Liz Baker

Greetings! The loons are migrating north and before you know it, so will the 2015 staff of Clearwater Camp in preparation for another memorable summer. This Spring we’ll be posting brief biographies of our talented staff members so you can learn more about the community of adults who will wear many hats at camp: mentor, counselor, teacher, learner, lifeguard, leader, driver, and friend, to name a few.

First up, we have some long-time Clearwater Daughters returning for another magical summer of diamond days and sunny rays.

– – –


Name: Katie Flynn, known as Teddy at camp

Camper: 7 years

Staff: 4 years

Hometown: Winnetka, IL

Teddy spends her days as a studious student at the University of Denver and will earn a degree in Biology and Chemistry. She’s a member of the DU Triathlon team and the Alpha Phi Sorority. For four years she has worked with a service organization called Global Brigades which sends her on volunteer trips to Central America. She once spotted a friendly and cuddly koala bear while traveling and decided if she were an animal, it would be a koala because she’s cuddly and friendly, too. Furthermore, her friends describe her as funny, adventurous and honest.

If Teddy had an entire day of “free activity” time, Teddy would be skimming across Tomahawk Lake on waterskis (or she can do it on her barefeet, too), shredding the Rocky Mountain slopes on her skis, or scaling the peaks in her hiking boots.

Teddy looks forward to seeing all of the returning campers who she knows and loves as well as meeting many new faces!


Mickey Headshot

Name: Mickey Nolan

Camper: 2 years

Staff: 19 years

Hometown: Chicago, IL

When Mickey’s not teaching girls to ski on  Tomahawk Lake, she is teaching Language Arts and Math to middle school students in Chicago. Her secret talent is she knows all of the Presidents’ middle names. Go ahead, ask her! Mickey yearns to spend a day on a boat in  Tomahawk Lake talking with family and friends. She would like to fish, just a little bit, but needs someone to take her fish off the hook.

Sleeping Beauty is her favorite movie, because you just can’t beat the three fairies: Flora, Fauna and Merryweather.

Last summer Mickey took a year off from Clearwater, but she is eager to return and looks forward to getting to know all of the campers and staff this summer.



Name: Kaitlin Close

Camper: 7 years

Staff: 4 years

Hometown: Lake Forest, IL

This May Kaitlin will graduate from Michigan State with a BA in Elementary Education with Language Arts and Child Development. She’s a part of Sigma Kappa Sorority and Order of Omega Fraternity on campus. This summer, Kaitlin looks forward to being back at camp and seeing how new and old faces come together to create yet another awesome summer! She is excited to see how counselors and campers alike facilitate an environment to foster the growth, development and independence of young women.

Kaitlin’s secret talent, that is not so secret anymore, is she can bark like a dog. Woof woof. Speaking of animals, if Kaitlin were one it would be a chipmunk because her cheeks never grew past her baby years. In addition to her animal-like qualities, Kaitlin’s friends describe her as funny, enthusiastic and loyal.

After a summer at Clearwater, Kaitlin will start her year-long Student Teaching Internship in Chicago Public Schools. If and when she gets a free day to do anything she wants, you’ll find her scuba diving the Great Barrier Reef so she can explore wildlife she’s never experienced before. Or she might be watching her favorite movie since her days as a wee little child, Dumbo.


Nurse Patti

Name: Nurse Patti

Camper: Yes

Staff: 3 years

Hometown: Lancaster, NY

Nurse Patti works as a nurse at school during the fall, winter and spring and also at Clearwater Camp during the summer. She also owns a Paddlesports store. Her name encapsulates her well: Nurse + Patti = she’s a nurse and a paddler.

Nurse Patti is caring, level-headed, and loves paddling and being in the outdoors. In her free time, she enjoys being on the water, hiking, and admiring nature and God’s gifts. This summer, she is looking forward to being with the amazing, enthusiastic campers and fellow staff members.



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