Horseback Riding

Whether you’re saddling up for the first time or are an experienced horsewoman, our English riding program is fun and challenging. Experienced instructors teach riding fundamentals at three different levels – beginner, intermediate, and advanced – on horses in a variety of sizes from pony on up to 16 hands. Clearwater has miles of trails through the woods that give campers the opportunity to enjoy seeing deer and other wildlife from the back of their horse!

Girl kneels on back of horse with arms out
Black and white photo of campers horseback riding in 1978

Clearwater’s philosophy of giving each girl the chance to try new things at camp includes riding. Basic Riding is included for all campers, whether it’s just once while they are at camp or once a week.  This opportunity teaches campers the basic skills needed to safely control their horse in the arena or on the trail and is for campers who enjoy riding occasionally for recreation.

Horseback riding camper jumps horse over obstacle

Extended Riding

The Extended Riding program is available for campers who want to improve their riding and learn as much as they can while at camp. These campers will be scheduled for riding several times a week. Campers are placed in class with others who ride at a similar ability and move along through the levels as they progress from being able to steer and control their horse at a walk, then trot, and then canter using the correct position, cues, and aids.

1946 photo of campers riding horses
Girl kisses a horse on the nose

The advanced class also works on jumping from simple cross rails and gymnastics to jumping courses. Horse care and barn management are also taught, as there is so much more involved in having a horse than just riding one. It’s important for our campers to feel comfortable and enjoy their time being around the horses…not just on them. Extended riders also enjoy a Thursday afternoon Packout at the barn along with other opportunities to help them soak up as much horse time as they can while at camp. There is an extra fee to participate in Extended Riding.