Imagine…it’s a perfect diamond day at Clearwater, and Tomahawk Lake is twinkling right in front of you, full of possibilities. Our waterfront program is impressive, meeting the comprehensive safety standards established by the American Camp Association. All aquatic activities are supervised by staff certified in American Red Cross Waterfront Lifeguard Certification. Campers pass a preliminary swim test to be able to safely participate in waterfront activities.


The classic summer camp activity, and no wonder — there’s no better way to travel. It’s all in the stroke; learn smooth moves in our protected cove, then have the opportunity to take extended overnight canoe trips.

Three canoes carrying campers across the lake


There’s nothing like skimming across the water in a kayak, so close to the water you feel part of it. Learn to do a ‘wet exit’ then you can join this favorite camper activity. For more skilled kayakers, the Eskimo roll is a great goal to achieve. Develop your skills on Tomahawk, then progress to using sea kayaks on trips.

Black and white photo of 1965 campers on camp diving platform
Camper gives peace sign while sitting in kayak


Need some help with your swimming? Tomahawk Lake is the perfect place to perfect your stokes. Swimming is a combination of instructional swimming, water games, synchronized swimming, diving, and fitness.

Group of girls laughs while swimming at summer camp

Water Skiing & Wake Boarding

Clearwater has three ski boats dedicated to teaching campers how to ski and wake board. You can even try to “wake surf” behind our newest Nautique that creates a special wake, just for that purpose! Once campers master the basics, they can practice dropping a ski and slaloming. Advanced skiers love skiing on trick skis, including a canoe paddle!

Girl waves while water skiing at summer camp
Black and white photo of camper preparing to waterski in 1983

Campers may also sign up for the Extended Water Skiing program, which is available for an additional fee and is for campers who have completed 5th grade and older. Campers will be scheduled for three or more hours of water skiing (or wakeboarding) per week.