Kitty McMahon Bartholomew

Clearwater Camp has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember.

It’s all thanks to my mother, “Beets” Loy McMahon, who was a camper and Leadership with Sunny, the camp recruiter for St. Louis and lifelong camp supporter and singer of camp songs.

As a child, I remember watching black-and-white films in my living room, and listening to a woman named Halokwe speak about a place where girls live on an island in the Northwoods of Wisconsin. I can’t think of a more captivating introduction to Clearwater Camp.

My years as a camper and counselor instilled in me a love for Clearwater, a love also shared by my sister, niece and daughter, all Clearwater alums. Each of us has been shaped by the lessons learned, challenges overcome, discoveries made and character-building experiences we had at Clearwater. What a gift.

I bring to the board my professional experience in marketing, public relations, advertising, human resources, nonprofit development and community engagement. I’m a Wellesley College graduate who started in nonprofit theatre management then shifted into a career in advertising. Not surprisingly, my favorite clients were outdoor brands.

I’m forever grateful for the lifelong gifts Clearwater has given me. My board service is dedicated to the women who came before us, the campers and staff of today, and the future generations to come to Clearwater.