Sheila Ferguson, CFRE

Sheila Ferguson

Development & Communications Director

Sheila joined the Clearwater team in early 2019. While never a camper nor counselor, she has developed a deep regard and knowledge of Clearwater as a camper’s parent and visiting her in-laws, the Fergusons, since 1999 on Tomahawk Lake. In addition, Sheila’s Clearwater connection can be traced through several generations via her husband, Chris Ferguson, and many women in his family: grandmother, Elise Mardorf Cottrell; great-aunt, Helen Mardorf; mother, Sue Cottrell Ferguson; sister, Jennifer Ferguson; and cousins, Joan Lecoutour Weeks and her daughter Brynne Weeks. Sheila and Chris’s daughter, Quinn, was a 7-weeker every summer since she was 10 and was a Leadership in 2022.

Sheila was blessed to know Sunny, who honored Sheila many years ago by seeking her advice as Clearwater began the transformation into a not-for-profit organization. In addition, Sheila was friends with Alma “Scotty” Scott, a long-time camp counselor who shared the history of camp’s sailing program and was a close friend of Sheila’s mother-in-law, Sue.

Sheila graduated from Christian Brothers University in Memphis, Tennessee with a Bachelor’s degree in Economics and Finance and went on to the University of Memphis to secure a Master’s in the Arts of Teaching (MAT). For over 30 years, she has led and supported strategic planning, communications, and fundraising projects for a variety of nonprofit organizations – securing over $25 million in philanthropic support. In 2016, she was named the Fundraising Executive of the Year by the Association of Fundraising Professionals in Southern Colorado.

Sheila is honored to be entrusted to preserve the camp’s rich history and traditions while meeting the unique needs of new generations of girls. She brings her passion for nature, education, adventure, and leadership development to implement new and innovative ways to enhance girls’ experience of camp through fundraising and communications.

Sheila works from her home in Colorado Springs, Colorado during the school year and pitches in at camp in the summer. She enjoys meeting Clearwater campers, counselors, parents, alums, and friends! Please send her your ideas and stories to