Coming Soon From Clearwater

11.20.2017 By Ellen King

You provide a girl with the empowering, life-changing experience of Clearwater Camp, and she makes a difference in the world!

We are so thankful for you, our extended Clearwater family. We hope you keep Clearwater in your thoughts as you consider your year-end giving.

#GivingLoonsDay Tuesday November 28

Your gift made on November 28th will be matched by a loyal supporter for up to $12,500! All gifts of any size are important. Thank you in advance for you support.

The Voyageur to Arrive in Your Mailbox

If your copy does not arrive in the next two weeks please let us know; we will mail a copy to you.

Clearwater Holiday Letter

Be on the lookout in December for our Holiday Letter, which contains several heart-warming stories of how your gift to Clearwater makes an impact in the life of our campers.


Liz Baker

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