Exciting Professional Opportunity for Clearwater Daughter

10.27.2013 By CC4G

The leaves are gold and the first snow has already fallen on the shores of Tomahawk. Even as the temperatures dip and the leaves give way there are many amongst us who would love to head north on highway 51 and figure out a way to continue the joy and privilege of being a counselor at Clearwater.  Our summer experiences leave us the gift of knowing what it is like to touch lives, to teach life skills, and influence generations. That is why posting an opportunity to continue working at camp by shepherding Clearwater’s recruitment efforts is so exciting.

Candidates interested in the newly created Clearwater Camp Recruitment Manager position should submit resumes to: info@clearwatercamp.org by Sunday, Nov. 10th.

Job Title: Clearwater Camp Recruitment Manager

Reports to: Clearwater Camp Foundation Board President

Clearwater Camp is seeking a Recruitment Manager to begin to increase camper enrollment through development and implementation of recruitment programs.  The ideal candidate should be passionate about enriching the lives of young women for future generations at Clearwater Camp.

The ideal candidate should also be a self-starter with a demonstrated knowledge of and appreciation for the Clearwater philosophy, mission and experience as well as a strong desire to succeed in attracting new families to camp.  The position requires personal initiative as well as an ability to collaborate with others and communicate effectively.

  1. Identify key stakeholders in the recruitment process and manage recruitment processes through various different channels.
  2. Coordinate with the summer or executive director (when hired) as the winter and spring progress.
  3. Introduce potential campers and families to the opportunities Clearwater Camp offers girls and young women.  This includes presenting the Clearwater experience in a manner that connects potential campers and their parents or guardians to the unique philosophy at Clearwater and excites them about attending camp.
  4. Utilize resources such as existing camp families, camp database, alumnae, other camps, and additional research to identify both existing and new audiences from which to recruit future Clearwater campers.
  5. Actively seek new opportunities for recruitment in creative and dynamic settings, including but not limited to; increased use of ClearwaterCamp.org, camp’s email database, camp fairs, school events, and management of Clearwater’s social media recruitment campaign.
  6. Collaborate with camp personnel to identify host families for in-home camper recruitment events.
  7. Collaborate with host families on outreach, guest lists, and day of event preparation.
  8. In coordination with the office manager, prepare host gifts and giveaways for current or potential future campers at gatherings and events.
  9. Answer questions of interested campers and parents about Clearwater.
  10. Correspond with hosts, attendees, and potential new camper families following events to communicate thanks and facilitate next steps where relevant. Recognize, intuitively, when parents or guardians need to meet the summer or executive director and/or senior staff members.
  11. In coordination with the office manager, follow-up on leads generated from recruitment efforts.
  12. Audit available print, digital, and visual recruiting materials.  If additional resources are needed, research the purchase or production and report recommendations to board president or executive director (when hired).
  13. Develop and implement outreach programs to introduce Clearwater within schools or other youth centered programs and groups.
  14. Coordinate with and utilize the Junior Advisory Committee (JAC) as needed.
  15. Summer activities and responsibilities at Clearwater Camp to be determined.

Required Skills and Preferred Skills

Bachelor’s degree along with at least one summer as a staff member at Clearwater Camp.

Demonstrated knowledge of Clearwater program and philosophy.

Excellent written and oral communication (English).

Excellent interpersonal and public speaking/group presentation skills.

Must have good organization as well as budget and project management skills.

Ability to establish rapport with both potential campers as well as their parents or guardians.

Proficiency with presentation software such as PowerPoint or Keynote as well as Microsoft Office suite.

Ability to work with other technologies related to presenting in dynamic settings.

Ability to conceive and implement social media campaigns.

Willingness to learn new software programs such as Camp Minder.

Demonstrated skills with: relationship building, strategic planning, influence without authority, enthusiasm for Clearwater, and analytic capabilities.

Other Requirements

Extensive travel, as well as many evenings and weekends will be required.

Must have a valid driver’s license and regular access to a vehicle.

Due to extensive travel demands, the candidate must meet required minimum age to contract rental vehicles.

Clearwater Camp Philosophy:  To preserve a place where kindness is kindled, respect is recognized and valued, unconditional love flourishes, God is reverenced, childhood is cherished, integrity is instilled, resourcefulness is required, new strengths are revealed, worth is discovered, and confidence and character are built.

To be discussed.




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