Guide to Summer 2021 – Community Update

03.10.2021 By CC4G
Guide to Summer 2021 – Community Update

Dear Clearwater Community,

Spring is coming! Ice still encircles the Boathouse and enfolds the Island in a winter embrace, but if the wind blows from the right direction and you sniff, you will smell that change is in the air. All of us at Clearwater are thinking beyond spring and anticipating Summer 2021!

What will this summer look like at Clearwater Camp? Rest assured that the magic will remain! There will be some necessary adjustments to camp life to protect the health of campers and their families, staff, and our neighbors, but Clearwater’s commitment to provide the best possible experience and to foster confidence, courage, compassion and community remains anchored steadfastly at Clearwater’s core.

You are bound to have questions and we want to provide you with the information you need as quickly as possible. To that end, we’ve created Clearwater’s Guide to Summer 2021 <– click here to view this addition to our website. We will continue to provide updated plans on this page as we move towards that wonderful day in June when the laughter of campers will again ring through the woods! Please don’t hesitate to contact us about anything Clearwater.

We’ve paddled through a challenging year together – and together is how we will keep the Clearwater spirit shining.

Wishing you diamond days ahead,

The Clearwater Team

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