Illuminating Our Way in the World

12.23.2020 By CC4G
Illuminating Our Way in the World

Although we recently passed the shortest day of the year and our nights will not be as long and dark, this is a time of year when candles are used in many holiday traditions to provide much-needed illumination.

At Clearwater, we know a little something about traditions and illumination.

One of our most enduring traditions is lighting our council fire candles at this time of year to remember the founding of camp during the 1932 holiday season. Annually our community takes a moment together no matter where we are in the world, to recognize how fortunate we are that Halokwe decided to open Clearwater Camp for Girls. More importantly, we reminisce about all we have learned at Clearwater, the special friendships and memories we have made, and how together we can illuminate the future as we take our light out into the world.

On December 24, we light our candles that were once lit together around our beautiful council fire on Tomahawk Lake and we connect with one another across the miles because we are bound by our love of Clearwater and all it has taught us and given to us. Throughout the world, Clearwater daughters continue to shine and make our world a little bit brighter. What better time than the end of 2020 for us light our candles tonight and sing:

Each Campfire Lights Anew

The flame of friendship true

The joy we’ve had in knowing you

Will last our whole life through.


And as the embers die away

We wish that we might ever stay,

But since we cannot have our way

We’ll come again some other day.


There is no doubt that this has been a challenging year. But knowing that we have a home at Clearwater in the beautifully magical place in the Northwoods makes it possible to look ahead. On behalf of Clearwater daughters past, present, and future we thank you for being part of an absolutely wonderful, vibrant, resilient, committed community that illuminates our way in the world.

Please consider taking a photo with your lit candle on December 24 and tag us on Instagram (@clearwater_camp) or Facebook (@CC4Gfans) so that we can see your many wonderful faces and show how our Clearwater light is illuminating the world.

With warm holiday wishes,

The Clearwater Team


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