In Memory of Mary Taylor Hurst

11.16.2021 By CC4G
In Memory of Mary Taylor Hurst
Last Portage

Mary Taylor Hurst

July 22, 1944 – February 7, 2021


Mary was a camper at Clearwater in 1956, 1962, and a counselor in 1963. She and her family often attended Family Camp as well. She was very active in many outdoor sports in her childhood, as well as a musician playing the piano and flute. Mary went to Northwestern University for her undergraduate degree and then to the University of Wisconsin for her MBA in finance. Later in life, she returned to the University of New Mexico for an undergraduate degree in music. She was most proud of this accomplishment. Mary worked as an auditor and tax accountant most of her adult working life. Between employers, she spent eleven years working as the Assistant Director of the UNM Music Prep School. Working with children and music were her greatest joys. 

Mary’s full obituary can be found at:



Those Who Have Taken Their Last Portage: Clearwater Camp works to remember and honor those alumnae who have passed away. We learn about alumnae through the Clearwater network of family and friends, who may let us know or make gifts in their memories. For these tributes, we use materials including their published obituaries and other remembrances from family and friends. Please contact Clearwater if there is an alumna you would like remembered by the camp community.

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