Look Who’s in for 2015: Three Seasoned Campers Who Are Now Staff Members

05.29.2015 By Liz Baker


Ann Boehrer

Name: Annie Boehrer, known as Moose

Camper: 7 years

Staff: Leadership and first year as a counselor

Hometown: Winnetka, IL

Moose attends the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor. She applied to the Business School but is currently in the School of Language Science and Arts. She enjoys Greek life and is in Alpha Phi and a business fraternity, Phi Chi Theta. She spends time teaching Spanish to third grade students and was a member of Circle K, a service organization at the university. This summer, Moose is looking forward to meeting and getting to know her campers and returning to the place she loves.

Even though her nickname is Moose, if she were an animal it would be a bear because she is always looking for good things to eat, loves being around her family and friends, and is playful. Her friends describe her as caring, friendly and fun. Her favorite movie is Bridesmaids because it is so funny. On a free day, she’d go skydiving in New Zealand – a place she’s always wanted to see and skydiving is something she’s always wanted to do.


Name: Claire Butz

Camper: 5 years

Staff: Leadership and first summer as a counselor

Hometown: Ann Arbor, MI

Claire is a student at the University of Michigan and she works on the business staff at the school’s daily newspaper, The Michigan Daily. She’s also a member of the Student Organization Funding Commission, which grants money to student organizations in need of funds. She’s involved with the business school’s Center for Positive Organizations, which aims to inspire and enable leaders to build high-performing organizations that bring out the best in people.

If Claire were an animal, it would be her favorite: a beluga whale. Why? Because they are extremely social and very good communicators. Her ideal free day would be spent being with the people she loves, challenging herself and feeling rewarded, lots of laughter, and beautiful weather. She never tires of her favorite movie, Elf. This summer, Claire is excited to reconnect with her CC4G sisters, finally joining the official member status of staff, the camp talent show, and s’more bars.


Name: Molly Delahunt

Camper: 8 years

Staff: first year

Hometown: Kohler, WI

Molly attends the University of Colorado at Boulder and is double-majoring in Dance and Communication. She is a member of the sorority Kappa Kappa Gamma and of a hip-hop dance team on campus called Verve. Her friends describe her as creative, funny and outgoing.

If Molly could do anything for a day, she would spend the day traveling the world with her friends and family. And if Molly were an animal, she would be an otter because then she could swim all the time, plus she could live at camp year round. This summer she is most looking forward to being able to help campers make lots of friends and have amazing experiences, just like she did as a camper.

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