Look Who’s in for 2015: Three more energetic staff members

05.17.2015 By Liz Baker

Betsy Kuhns

Name: Elizabeth (Betsy) Kuhns

Hometown: Northfield, IL

We are excited to say, this summer will be Betsy’s first at CC4G! Betsy attends Lehigh University in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, where she is studying Psychology and eventually hopes to go to graduate school for Trauma Psychology. In addition to her studies, she is a Division I athlete on the Lehigh Rowing Team, a member of Zeta Tau Alpha and participates in a program where she mentors local elementary school kids.

In past summers, Betsy has worked as a riding instructor at a local barn in the Chicago area. This summer, she is most looking forward to teaching Clearwater’s Daughters about what she loves and hopefully increasing their interest and passion for horsemanship as well. Three words to describe Betsy would be caring, charismatic and enthusiastic and if she were an animal she would want to be a horse because they are majestic, agile and elegant – all traits she would like to see in herself. If given one day to do anything in the world, Betsy would horseback ride around the hills and fields in Salzburg, Austria, a place that, in her mind, is absolutely perfect for her favorite activity.

Steinke, Sarah

Name: Sarah Steinke

Camper: 10 Years

Staff: Leadership in 2013

Hometown: River Forest, IL

During the school year, Sarah attends the University of Chicago where she studies Economics and is involved with a program, artShould, where she teaches art to elementary school children once a week. This summer, Sarah is most looking forward to being back at the place that shaped her summers when she was a young person, and being in the position to help others grow and enjoy themselves as she once did.

If those closest to Sarah were to describe her in three words, she would be supportive, hilarious and empathetic. If she were an animal she would be a lizard because, similarly to lizards, Sarah also enjoys lying in the sun for long periods of time, eating bugs, and (most importantly) is very closely related to dragons. If given the day to do anything in the world, Sarah would travel back in time to the moon landing so she could know with 100% certainty whether or not it was real and, if it was, she would get to spend the day on the moon!

Fornengo, Daisy

Name: Daisy Fornengo

Camper: 6 Years

Staff: Leadership in 2013

Hometown: Chicago, IL

During the school year, Daisy attends Bucknell University where she is an Art History major, the Head of Marketing for the campus art gallery and a member of an a Capella group. She is best described as humorous, trustworthy and genuine. This summer Daisy is most looking forward to sharing such an amazing place with other young girls.

If Daisy were an animal, she would have to be a flying squirrel, because she can be calm, but also very crazy. If given the day to do anything she wished, she would explore Paris, where she would visit different art museums and eat delicious food. Daisy’s favorite movie is the Royal Tenenbaums because every scene’s composition

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