Precamp 2018: What have the staff been up to?

06.17.2018 By Ellen King
Precamp 2018: What have the staff been up to?

Greetings from the Northwoods!

Over the past few weeks, staff members have been rolling into camp. From lifeguard training and wilderness first aid certification, counselors have been preparing to make the summer safe and fun. Now, with certifications complete and staff training in full swing, they have settled into the flow of camp life, from flag raising in the morning to singing in the dining hall after every meal. The staff even recently returned from an overnight canoeing trip, where they honed their tripping skills through a friendly competition between the witches, the tajars, the range rangers, and the voyageurs. Tasks included setting up tents, wrapping bedrolls, and creating a trip song, which were all judged on skill, gusto, and creativity. Back on the familiar shores of Lady Tom, cabin counselors are gearing up to move into their own cabins while finishing up cleaning and setting up camp in anticipation of the campers’ arrival.

With less than a week before campers arrive, the staff shared their highs of staff training so far, and what they are most looking forward to.

Many returning to Clearwater are excited to be back on the shores of Lady Tom. As Stephanie Domijan said, she is happy to “be back at the most beautiful place on earth with my best friends.”

For over half the staff, the staff trip was their high of pre-camp so far. As Sarah Steinke explained, “getting to know everyone and sleeping in the wilderness is a most wonderous combination.”

Another common favorite theme for much of the staff was bonding with new and old friends during training, which was closely connected to the staff trip for many as well. Maddi Little described her high as “Getting to know the AMAZING fellow staff members, and also having a blast on the staff trip.”

Beyond the trip and general staff bonding, counselors enjoyed many of the activities from pre-camp, including a staff cruising day, activity brainstorming session, a jam session, and cardboard boat races. Mickey Nolan’s favorite part of camp so far this summer was “watching Becca [Hedley] getting up on skis for the first time,” and Meg Winebrenner was proud of “making borderline gourmet mac and cheese on our staff trip.”

The entire staff is looking forward to the summer ahead, from to appreciating the beauty of the nature around them. But what almost everyone is truly most excited for is receiving their cabin and camper assignments and for the campers to arrive.

“I CANNOT WAIT to find out the names of the campers who will join my cabin of fun this summer!” said Emma Pinto, and Janelle Andrews is “looking forward to the energy the campers will be bringing to camp.”

With only three days until the campers arrive, the staff will not be left in anticipation for much longer. Until then, they will continue to prepare for the campers’ arrival to ensure that the entire summer is filled with even more exciting activities and accomplishments as the staff have experienced this past week.

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