Memorial Day Work Weekend – A Huge Success!

05.31.2018 By Ellen King
Memorial Day Work Weekend – A Huge Success!

The 8th annual Memorial Day Work Weekend brought alumnae and Clearwater supporters from as near as Lake Tomahawk, WI to as far away as Great Barrington, MA. Thirty people graced camp this past weekend with hearts full of joy to open up the buildings and grounds of Clearwater for our 85th season.

Going into the weekend our team began their work on Friday and ended up on Monday morning with cabins cleaned, browns (bathrooms) scrubbed, equipment, docks, swim raft and sail boat buoys put in their rightful place and tennis courts power washed. Special projects this year included a deep clean and purging of old apparatus in the basement of the Hold as well as the rejuvenation of our Rest Cabin (health care center).

The weekend brought us abnormally warm weather and therefore our traditional “first dip” into the lake happened twice. We had a record number of people participating this year.

“Work hard, eat well” is one of our mottos, and we sure do eat some fantastic home-made (mostly from scratch) meals. Thanks to Chef Reuben and Breezy Melero for their tireless dedication to providing the team with fantastic food. For some, the cuisine is why they come to work weekend!

There is a true Clearwater spirit of comradery found at Work Weekend. We work and play together. Not only do we accomplish our mission of getting camp ready for the summer, we also have a lot of fun. Why at night we might have a pontoon adventure or bring out our guitars and djembes to jam. And then there is coming together at Sunday Service. This year we expressed how we are grateful to camp. Most of us expressed there is no place on earth like what you discover at camp. It’s a place where you find peace and true friendships.

It is with great gratitude we thank those who participated in our 2018 Work Weekend. Thank you to Jess Platt for leading our team. And to the following team members: John Neil T, Bill O, Caleb K, Ellen K, Liz B, Carol V, Ruth I, Dar L, Marcia B, Susie T, Polly L, Kate, D, Mary W, Breezy M, Ruben M, Nick S, Angie M, Keith K, Mia T, Nicole V, Kaitlin C, Triste F, Bill F, Sierra F, Hunter F, Bryce F, Emily B, Wes B and Melinda P.

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