Preparing for Camp

Wondering about how to prepare for an overnight camp?

You aren’t alone!  Every new camper and their parents have wondered the same thing.  Any new experience is a combination of excitement and anxiety about the unknown.  There are many strategies you can use to help prepare your child for overnight camp.

If you or your child have any questions about what Clearwater is like, please ask!  Talking to someone from camp can be helpful too!  We can connect you with a camp family or staff member in the area who can answer questions in person or over the phone!

The second thing to avoid is making a “pick up deal.”  Don’t promise your daughter you will pick her up if she doesn’t like camp.  Instead of being reassuring, this can lead to a camper resisting coping strategies in order to feel ‘bad enough’ to get picked up.

Our goal is for your daughter to have a stellar time at camp!  Our staff members are well-trained and many of them were campers themselves, which uniquely qualifies them to relate to campers about missing home.  Here are some links to helpful resources on preparing for summer camp, strategies about missing home, and other helpful tips!  Again, please contact us with any and all questions about Clearwater!

Essentials of Homesickness Prevention by Chris Thurber, Ph.D.

Preparing Children for Summer Camp

Is an Overnight Camp Right for You?

Advice on Homesickness for Parents

New Thinking on Homesickness

American Camping Association’s Parent & Families Resource Page

Preparing for 3.5 Weeks at Clearwater Camp 

Homesick and Happy, a book by Dr. Michael Thompson

Please let us know if you have any questions!  Although missing home is common, it is unusual that it seriously impacts campers’ experiences.  We would love to talk with you more if you are concerned about you daughter’s experience!