Working At Camp Is A Real Job!

04.24.2018 By Ellen King
Working At Camp Is A Real Job!

The American Camp Association (ACA) recently compiled resources for camps to educate prospective employees on the values of a summer camp work experience.

These include:


At Clearwater we couldn’t agree more and wanted to take a moment to share a few of the opportunities we provide our staff.

  • Professional Development. We offer a 10 day pre-camp training that offers training in analyzing risk, teaching activities, managing behavior, and much more. Additionally, we offer ongoing professional development to our staff throughout the summer.
  • Leadership skills. We believe that every moment at camp offers an opportunity for staff to develop their own personal leadership skills. For instance noticing that the trash needs to be taken out, role modeling what it is like to be a good human being and mentor, and learning when and how to react to different situations appropriately.
  • Problem Solving Skills. What do I do when my camper doesn’t want to participate in an activity? What might be her perceived barriers that I can help her work through? How do I motivate my cabin to complete cabin clean up? These are just a few of the questions that staff work through in order to guide campers into having a successful camp experience. We believe that learning how to work through these situations translates well into being able to handle situations they may face in college and other future jobs.

Clearwater camp is a unique setting for individual growth both in campers and staff, and we’re excited to share these resources with our community.

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