90th Reunion Sparks: The First Night

10.25.2023 By CC4G
90th Reunion Sparks: The First Night

Welcome Reception

By Sarah Decker

There were about 100 of us gathered in a circle on the front tennis courts ready to officially kick off reunion, when seemingly out of nowhere, two bald eagles flew over us playing with one another and welcoming all of us home. This moment gave me goosebumps and brought a tear to my eye. It is one I will never forget. Such a symbolic and beautiful beginning to our time together at the reunion.

The welcome reception began with drinks and incredible appetizers prepared by the kitchen staff (wow…the food sure has improved since many of us were campers!). There were possibly equal amounts of nerves as there were shrieks of excitement in the first half hour but soon enough, we all found ourselves right at home. Old friends reunited, new ones being made, and a love for Clearwater and each other that was undeniable.

We celebrated the alumni present from every decade dating back to the 40s. We played several games getting to talk to people we hadn’t met before or reacquainting ourselves with people we had known most of our lives. We learned new things about one another and about camp as we talked about all of our camp memories. It was wonderful to see so many smiles and connections being made.


The evening wrapped up with a fire in Sunny’s fireplace and a sky full of the brightest stars you could imagine. The familiar sounds of laughter as alumnae walked back to their cabins, the halyards clanked against the masts, and the waves on the shore.

It felt so good to be home.


This is the second entry in a series of Reunion Sparks to share memories from our 90th Reunion. Additional sparks are linked below.


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