Site Plan Sparks: November 2023

Site Plan Sparks: November 2023

As we shared in the October Site Plan Sparks, we began the first phase of projects in May 2023 with the generous support of a few donors who helped us launch the plan. While we are off to a great start, we will be reaching out to everyone in our community to make a financial contribution to raise the full $6 million required to fund the entire site plan. Here is the latest update on our construction progress:

On the morning of October 17, we made room for the new Welcome & Wellness Center by removing the back maintenance shed. This structure was built around 1912 when our location was originally the Pottawattomie Lodge founded by Dr. Sprague (Halokwe’s husband). Some may remember that there were additional “closed garages” built in this same style that were to the right of this building along where modern-day campers had outdoor cooking classes. The one closest to the ski area was used as the Tripping Packout Room. These were removed sometime in the early 2000s. Maybe one of you can email us and let us know if you have any photos or memories about those old garages.

BEFORE: Back Maintenance Shed
Historic Marker on The Hold
AFTER: Where the Maintenance Shed Used to be.

This past week, work began on the new Welcome & Wellness Center as the team from Lee Construction set the forms and poured the concrete for the first level of this building that will serve as a new storm shelter on the mainland. This new building will also include a welcome area, the camp store, and activity space in the front, and around the back, it will serve as the new “Rest Cabin” with nurses’ quarters, exam rooms, and an infirmary.

Wooden forms for concrete
Lower Level Concrete Walls for Storm Shelter

Stay tuned to help us formally name this new building using our nautical theme! We’ll be back in December or January with more updates on our construction progress.

For more information about Clearwater’s Plans:

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