Site Plan Sparks: December 2023

12.24.2023 By CC4G
Site Plan Sparks: December 2023

As we shared in the October Site Plan Sparks, we began the first phase of projects in May 2023 with the generous support of a few donors who helped us launch the plan. While we are off to a great start, we will be reaching out to everyone in our community to make financial contributions to raise the $6 million required to fund the entire site plan. Here is the latest update on our construction progress.

Recall from our November Site Plan Sparks that we removed the back maintenance shed to make room for the new Welcome Center. Today’s update will focus on the amazing progress in constructing the new building over the past few weeks.

Here is the summary of the Welcome Center’s construction from our site plan team overseeing the project:

Substantial (amazing) progress was made on constructing the Welcome Center the week of December 11th.  In a little over 4 days the crews went from foundation walls to a nearly completed framed structure. The roof shingles will be installed after Christmas. Bill has been documenting the progress and we have attached a few of the photos taken at various stages and it looks fantastic. Final backfilling around the exterior walls will take place later as will construction of the wrap-around deck. Once the roof is on and the windows installed work will begin on finishing the interior.

A big thank you to Bill for being our in-house, onsite construction manager and all that entails along with documenting the progress for the Clearwater archives.

In brief:

  • As of Tuesday 11-14-23, the foundation walls and concrete floor of the lower level were complete
  • Friday 12-08-23 the lower-level framing was completed
  • Monday 12-11-23 Steel beams and floor panels delivered
  • Tuesday 12-12-23 Steel beams installed and floor panels and exterior walls  delivered and installed
  • Wednesday 12-13-23 Roof trusses delivered and interior wall sections installed
  • Thursday 12-14-23 Roof trusses installation completed

See the photos below for a better understanding of what was accomplished.

It is also heart warming to note that Camp Highlands in nearby Sayner has embarked on a journey like Clearwater’s, as we discovered in an excerpt from their Holiday letter:

Finally, we are excited to announce that we will begin to work with Parkitecture + Planning to create a master facilities plan to help us refresh and reenvision our facilities. We look forward to honoring the rustic spirit camp while shoring up the infrastructure so we may continue our important work.

Sounds very familiar to our journey and of course we feel they have taken a brilliant first step in selecting a partner.

Everyone involved in bringing the new Welcome Center building to fruition has so much to be proud of.

If you have any questions, please send those to

Progress Photos

11-14-23  11:48 am Foundation walls and floor are complete. Waiting for building modules to arrive.
12-08-23 Friday 8:46 am Looking east. Finishing exterior framing for the lower level in anticipation of the 12-11-23 Monday arrival of the steel beams, flooring modules, and exterior wall modules.
12-12-23 Tuesday 9:44 am Steel beams installed. Flooring modules are to be installed shortly.
12-12-23 Tuesday 1:30 pm Flooring modules installed. Exterior walls will be complete by the end of the day.
12-13-23 Roof trusses were delivered at 9:45 am Interior wall modules are being installed and will be complete by the end of the day.
12-14-23 Thursday 9:27 am Roof trusses are being installed. The “grading” will completely change the appearance that this is a two-story building. Three-quarters of the lower level you see in this picture will be covered by fill as part of the extension of the parking area.
12-14-23 Thursday 9:28 am Looking East. Once the backfill and grading is complete the building will not appear to be two stories tall. Note the overhang which will cover the wrap-around deck (three sides).

In addition, here is a compilation of videos shot from Bill’s phone last week.

Stay tuned to help us formally name this new building using our nautical theme! We’ll be back in January with more updates on our construction progress.

For more information about Clearwater’s Plans:


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